Council Secretary/C.E.O Office

The Secretary will oversee the operations of the Council’s Secretariat and will be the Chief Advisor to the Council.  The officer will be responsible for:-
• Coordinating the implementation of the LDC strategic plans and realization of its objectives;
• Overseeing the preparation and implementation of the  performance appraisal systems and contracts      of  the technical departments;
• Ensuring prudent management of resources and assets for the Council;
• Promoting institutional accountability ;
• Convening Council meetings and acting as secretary thereof;
• Keeping Council members adequately briefed on all significant developments at LDC;
• Ensuring Council decisions are implemented and reported on time;
• Serving as a  link between the Council and members of staff;
• Developing and implementing effective financial management policies and systems for monitoring and reporting financial performance to ensure proper management and accountability of funds in line with financial and budgetary policies and procedures of government and other stakeholders;
• Overseeing LDC operations to ensure efficiency, quality, service and cost effective management of resources; signing all government & donor grant agreements and contracts and related documentation on behalf of the Council;
• Identifying favorable financing partners and accordingly sourcing develop; submitting and follow-up funding proposals;
• Ensuring that annual financial audit is conducted and recommendations addressed; giving final approval of all payments within the Council;
• Convening and chairing management team meetings; and
• Developing and implementing effective human resource management policies and systems for hiring, performance assessment, training and development, dispute- resolution, pay and benefits, employee welfare programmes, equal opportunity as well as terms and conditions of service designed to contract, develop, motivate and retain high caliber staff.

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