Frequently Asked Questions

What does KLDC do?

To promote development in the Leather Sector thereby enhancing value addition across the leather value chain.

This entails enhancing manufacturing of leather products for both local and export markets.


Many authentic leather products have a stamp or mark of authenticity so you can ensure you are getting the highest quality leather in your purchase. Be certain to confirm the briefcase you have chosen is genuine leather.

In order to prevent moisture from stiffening or damaging the surface of your leather products, you should apply a moisture barrier product in advance. Many leather-friendly weathering products are available at most supermarkets. You should apply a protective coat every few months.

Although it is often thought leather is easily ruined, this is a common misconception. In fact, leather is used so widely on items like bags and shoes because of its high resistance to wear and tear. Although you wouldn’t want to toss your leather products into a lake or leave it outside in a torrential storm, a little rain here and there isn’t enough to seriously damage the leather. Still, exposing your leather products to rain or liquid spills can damage the appearance. But don’t fret; these stains can be avoided with proper care.

Why should I register with the Council?

Requirements for Registration

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