Kariokor Market Upgrade

The Kariokor Market Upgrade currently being spearheaded by KLDC is aimed at transforming this famous market situated at the heart of Nairobi City into a Common Manufacturing Facility for the production of quality footwear and leathergoods.

The Kariokor Market which has been in existence for decades is a hub of manufacturing activities with MSMEs specializing in production of a wide array of footwear and other items made from a range of materials. Items produced from Kariokor are consumed locally and regionally with the main activity conducted by MSMEs in the Market being leather works.

Kariokor houses over 200 stalls and thousands of MSMEs engaged in a wide variety of production of footwear and other leather items from a wide range of materials including leather, fabric, canvas among others. However, despite the long-standing existence of the Market and its popularity in Kenya, various challenges have crippled the competitive production of footwear and leathergoods at the market, a key issue being the utilization of obsolete equipment by MSMEs in this Market which has ostensibly hindered the production of quality, competitive footwear and leathergoods.

In view of the above challenges and the current focus of the Government of Kenya in the development of Common Manufacturing Facilities as focal areas for job and wealth creation, the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade & Cooperatives through KLDC is facilitating the upgrade of Kariokor into a hub for the production of quality footwear and leathergoods.

The upgrade of the Market is being implemented in phases:-

Phase 1:- Data Collection including mapping out of training needs, equipment and machine requirements, adherence to quality standards and sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Phase 2:- Bidding for the supply of equipment and machinery for footwear and leathergoods production and actual award of tender to the supplying company.

Phase 3:- Pre-Shipment inspection of machinery and equipment at source country – Taiwan.

This was conducted by a team of experts in footwear and leathergoods production led by the Chairman- Mr. Titus Ibui (KLDC) and Ag. CEO – Mr. Charles Ndungu.

Packaging of Machinery/Equipment and Shipment to Kenya.

Phase 4:- Arrival and installation of equipment at designated area as provided by the Nairobi City County.

Phase 5:- Training of MSMEs on the use of equipment and operationalization of the Facility (partnership between KLDC and Nairobi City County).

Presently, the implementation of the Project is in Phase 4, as the machines and equipment are already in Kenya and KLDC has shared a draft MoU with the Nairobi City County for approval and implementation.

It is envisaged that the installation of equipment and operationalization of the Common Manufacturing Facility at Kariokor will take effect within the financial year 2016/17.

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