Market Development

We design and implement market development strategies towards creating a unique selling position for Kenyan leather and leather products in the world market. As such:
  • The Council facilitates participation of leather sector investors in marketing forums to connect with consumers; create linkages with local and international players, while learning from the world’s renowned investors in the leather sector. These activities include, but not limited to: local and international shows/trade fairs, marketing/ idea exchange forums/workshops, benchmarking forums, study tours and exchange programmes, among others.
  • Design and Implement public relations campaign programmes through print and electronic media to create awareness on activities that pertains development of the leather sector.
  • We liaise with relevant bodies in implementation of leather standards for purposes of plowing quality assurance aspects on sector players.
  • We liaise with development partners to mobilize resources for the development of the leather sector.
  • KLDC extends support in the creation of input and output linkage;
  • Conduct market study for leather and leather products industries products;
  • Identify technologies that can be developed and undertake product development activities.

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