The technical services offered include:

  • Collecting, analyzing, sharing, and disseminating all necessary updated information as regards the leather sector.
  • Providing research and development service which solve the bottle neck of the sector.
  • Prepare & promote project profile for investment opportunities
  • Supervise and provide technical services for sector projects in pre- implementation, during-implementation and post-implementation for the investors who engaged in leather sectors. Including: construction of leather processing units, effluent and disposal system and management
  • Provides project profile
  • Follow up of the projects and technical support

Training and Production Center for Shoe Industry (TPCSI)

Overview of TPCSI

TPCSI  is situated in Thika and was handed over to KLDC during the FY 2015/16; this was to house it in the institution responsible for leather development. The Centre is expected to be a specialized regional footwear/leather goods technology and training hub that caters to the training needs of footwear and leather goods entrepreneurs.

It also serves as a specialized technology Resource Centre  for both local and regional footwear and leather goods industries. It is further expected to play a major role in the implementation of the leather industry development under the manufacturing component of the ‘Big Four government development Agenda’.

Training Centre – Provides training in footwear and leather goods design and production technology.

Courses Offered

Training is divided into 4 modules as follows:

  1. Stitching
  2. Cutting and Costing
  3. Footwear Design and Manufacturing
  4. Leather Goods Design and Manufacturing

In each module, the training is undertaken in four(4) levels as follows:

  1. Basic Skills
  2. Machine Operations and Control
  3. Dummy Development
  4. Prototype and Production

Apart from training, the Centre offers common Manufacturing services to MSMEs manufacturing both footwear and leather goods at an affordable fee.The services provided ranges from product cutting to full product making.

The pricing is as per particular service rendered and is based on both fixed and variable costs to ensure affordability to the user as well as sustainability.


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