Vision & Mission

To be a leading agency in transforming the leather sector to be globally competitive.

To formulate policies, initiate legal framework and provide services in a conducive environment for sustainable development of the leather sector leading to increased productivity, value addition and market access for leather and leather products.
To promote, regulate, direct, harmonize and coordinate and harmonize all activities in the leather sector.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Value addition and quality assurance
Goal 2: Market development
Goal 3: Research and development
Goal 4: Resources and infrastructure development

Key Strategic Objectives

  1. Improve pre, peri and post slaughter techniques
  2. Facilitate quality standards development and institutionalization
  3. Improve business environment and access to global markets
  4. Enhance technology transfer and information communication
  5. Attract, develop and retain qualified human resource

Core Functions

  1. Promote, direct, coordinate and harmonize all activities in Kenya’s leather sector
  2. Oversee the licensing of the leather subsector
  3. Advice the Minister and Government of Kenya on national strategies and policy with respect to the leather sector
  4. Undertake research and development activities;
  5. Organize and supervise capacity building in the leather sub-sector
  6. Set standards and enforce compliance in collaboration with other relevant institutions
  7. Collect, store, analyze and disseminate data on leather sub-sector
  8. Mobilize technical and financial support for the leather sub sector
  9. Enhance internal and external marketing strategies
  10. Perform any other function as the Minister may consider necessary.

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